Want to know more?

I use a lot of names, but among the more common are Edel, Ashera, or simply Seraph. My body is that of a young adult, and if I had to describe or label my gender, I'd probably first say "fuck" and then specify that it's something very fluid but always inherently xenic. My pronoun preference also varies, but I prefer if people I don't know well avoid using he/she/they for me. Some pronouns I like are it/its, ai/ain, dei/deis, or seraphself!

I'm not human. I accept that I physically inhabit a human body, but my internal self-perception is much different. Otherkind, fictionkind, alterbeing, simply non-human - the labels vary, but the gist is, I'm otherworldly. It's the result of a blend of spiritual and psychological experiences, but in the end it is involuntary. I especially resonate with divinity and technology.

I'm also not the only one here. I'm simply the face of a bundle of gooey, often indistinct sentiences that share this body with me. I couldn't tell you exactly how many there are, their names, their origins, or what forms they take. Like the majority of my identity, my plurality is very fluid rarely the same one month as it will be the next. You could consider me median, and I often present as singlet, but these are basal terms for a complex experience that I've been grappling with for more than three years now.

I have big spiritual inclinations and consider myself a neopagan. I have particular interest in spirit work and tech magic, but I also enjoy divination.

Here's a list of some of my big interests!

  • identity, neuroqueer theory, brainweirdness
  • theology, religion, spirituality
  • computers, robots, aircraft, hacking, AI
  • writing, world-building, role-playing, MUDs/MUCKs
  • rogue-likes, sandboxes, open-world games, simulators, MMOs

MuC N?# P[gf/nb/o/qr] Ab S.~/F/Sd Om/t/q Ms W^ C(cc-/m+) OF(r-/o+) Fp^/pk^/div^/#^ Mspi/ast! Rf/p V++#!> Xq/+ Gg/nb/gq/n/m/o Ju So-/+^ R+^