A seraph rests here.

Silken wings and omniscient eyes abound, it greets you.


Well met! This is the Seraph's Nest, a quaint haven for my self and selves to forget about conformity and induldge in eccentricity.

This is a place dedicated to brainfuckery, alterhumanity, and queerness, among other niches.

If that's not to your tastes, you are free to take your leave at any time.

If that speaks to you, though, then feel free to poke about and stay as long as you'd like.

This is a safe space for all, no matter how bizarre, so long as you act in good faith and cause no harm.

Just keep in mind: this is an ephemeral place. All things are subject to change.

Feel free to add our banner to your site! (when i make a banner lol)

Word of warning: this website is still a WIP. Expect broken links, buggy code, placeholders, all that good stuff. Also, it may not function on mobile.

buttons / banners or something of that nature will go here, eventually